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Projector Headlights
901 Sounds Auto Accessories keeps you in check with the bright and the beautiful by hosting a wide variety of Projector Headlights and Euro Headlights for you to choose from. Our halo headlights are designed and constructed by the pros and guaranteed to deliver nighttime magic. Whether you're after the bombastic power and presence of a pair of Angel Eyes or the exotic radiance of all-new R8 Style LED Projector Headlights, 901 Sounds Auto Accessories is standing by with the Halo Headlights that are perfect for your ride.

Projector Headlights
Halo Projector Headlights provide a stylish brand of radiance OEM headlights never could. The alluring angel eyes that captured the attention of the industry have handed down even more hot and accessible options for the future. Now available in more housings and finishes than ever before, 901 Sounds Auto Accessories gives you the power of selection with our catalog of Halo Headlights. We offer halo headlights in Crystal Clear, JDM Black, Platinum Smoke, and more. Plus, every pair of projector headlights is a quick and painless installation, allowing you to display the vibrant angel eyes everyone admires in mere minutes. Don't put off the modern makeover every model embraces. Upgrade with a pair of halo headlights today.

LED and Euro Headlights
If every time you take a glimpse at your headlights and nothing grabs your attention, then something is wrong. IPCW Euro Headlights fill up that void by illuminating the road with a modern edge and runway-worthy fashion. 901 Sounds Auto Accessories features every housing option and finish on the planet, including Clear, Black, and Smoke - the hottest choices at the lowest prices. Each pair of Euro Halo Headlights is a simple install that directly replaces your factory originals.