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Bug Deflectors

BUG SHIELDS & STONE DEFLECTORS. We know what happens. The wind kicks up, blowing straight towards you. Inevitably, bugs, pebbles, and leaves pelt your hood and windshield. It can get messy, forcing you to clear bug stains off of your hood. It can also be costly, with rocks and debris chipping not only the hood, but the lower part of your windshield, as well. Bug Shields and Stone Deflectors stop chips and stains before they occur. We carry a full line of top-quality Bug Shields that keep your vehicle clean and safe. The highest grade materials along with the most precise design are what it's all about. It's time to protect with authority.

Bug & Stone Deflectors
At 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, we have a relationship with our drivers. We know that everyone's needs differ. Some want straight-up style while others crave serious protection. That's why we cover a whole spectrum of the finest automotive accessories in existence. Luxurious Custom Grills, Wood Dash Kits, Floor Mats, Spoilers, and Chrome Accessories are just a small sample of what we're capable of. Whatever your desires, we're here for you. No one does it better.

Chrome Bug & Stone Deflectors