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Sunroof Deflectors
Enjoy driving with the roof open more than ever with a Sunroof Deflector custom-fit just for your vehicle. 901 Sounds Auto Accessories offers a complete selection of aerodynamically-designed Sunroof Deflectors for more Makes/Models than anywhere else! All of our Sunroof Wind Deflectors are made from ultra-durable acrylic and contour precisely to the roof of your Car, Truck, or SUV. With world-class manufacturers like WeatherTech® on our side, you can rest assured your new Sunroof Deflector is of the highest quality possible!

Sunroof Visor
Sunroof Deflectors have more than one role. First and foremost, a Sunroof Wind Deflector re-directs the pesky wind gusts that rush into your cabin when the roof is open, severely cutting down on all the noise you normally get. Sunroof Wind Deflectors also provide a shield against stones and sediment that often have a habit of finding their way inside your vehicle, especially when driving in rural areas or on the highway. And since they are crafted from tinted acrylic, Sunroof Deflectors add a sleek touch of style to your exterior as well! At 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, we've got the selection and quality you need to do it right.

Bug and Wind Deflectors
Since 901 Sounds Auto Accessories is your official headquarters for bringing a more personal identity to your vehicle, we carry a full line of the finest Car & Truck Accessories around. All name-brand quality, all styles, all the time! We're here with everything from custom fashion to superior protection: Classy Billet and Mesh Grills, refined Wood Grain Dash Kits, Floor Mats, Spoilers, Chrome Accessories, Cargo Liners ... you name it, we've got it. Get comfortable: you might be here a while...


At 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, we aim to provide our customers with the finest Deflectors the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as AVS, E&G Classics, GTS, MSI, Putco, Wade, Weathertech, the Deflectors we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability. Each of the Deflectors is skillfully engineered by the country's most experienced professionals and then crafted from premium materials to ensure quality that is second to none. Manufactured to satisfy even the most discerning aficionados, the Deflectors that we stock are ready to reveal the true nature of your vehicle.

It's a quandary. You want to be able to throw your ride in cruise control with the sunroof open, but you don't feel like dealing with a whirlwind of noise crashing into your cabin. You're not alone. Many drivers look forward to nice, mild weather where they can enjoy a nice breeze flowing through their vehicle only to have their good time ruined by a strong influx of wind that nullifies the whole experience. A Sun Roof Deflector allows you to open up your sunroof with confidence. Sunroof Deflectors knife right through wind gusts that cause turbulence and an overload of volume. Your car came with a sunroof for a reason. What's the use if you can't get the most out of it? With 901 Sounds Auto Accessories's premium array of Sunroof Wind Deflectors, the good times are just beginning!

Offroad Truck Accessories
We only deliver maximum quality, and that's why our inventory of Sunroof Deflectors comes to you courtesy of names like WeatherTech®. What sets WeatherTech® Sunroof Wind Deflectors apart is the superb design and advanced material. WeatherTech® Sun Roof Deflectors are crafted from 4mm thick tinted cast acrylic that muffles noise variances while staying firm and resilient throughout all weather conditions. WeatherTech's MagicClip™ system lets you fasten your Sunroof Deflector onto your roof in a flash while the AirCushion™ gaskets guard your exterior from any rubs or scratches. You need the very best for your ride. This is where to find it!