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Wood Steering Wheels
Steering wheels are a crucial element that improves the look and feel of any vehicle. The cab of your ride is an important place to show off a sense of class and also where you want to be at your most comfortable. 901 Sounds Auto Accessories carries wood, leather, and carbon fiber steering wheels designed just for the occasion. A personalized car steering wheel is a look of luxury that matches any driver's taste. All of our steering wheels are professionally crafted and guaranteed to fit your steering column with OEM precision.

Wood Steering Wheels

WOOD STEERING WHEELS in conjunction with wood dash kits are an excellent way to go for that luxurious, exotic look that you've been thinking about. Normally found in ultra-expensive luxury rides, wood steering wheels are now eligible to be installed in more vehicles than ever before. We have the top-notch inventory for you to choose from, including every wood finish on the market. Every wood steering wheel found at 901 Sounds Auto Accessories is shaped and finished with expert workmanship and designed to fit your vehicle's exact specifications for a worry-free installation.

Carbon Steering Wheels
CARBON FIBER STEERING WHEELS deliver a sporty image for every racing-inspired motorist who craves a taste of luxury. Whether you're looking for a carbon fiber steering wheel to take over your ride's interior or want something to match your carbon fiber dash kit, we have the steering wheels range that gets the job done. Carbon fiber steering wheels also come in a variety of colors to match any interior decor for an authentic custom appearance. So go for it the right way. Give the cockpit of your car, truck, or SUV the exotic, high-tech punctuation that sets your model apart even further from the crowd.


LEATHER STEERING WHEELS bring an added essence of class and comfort to your interior. A leather steering wheel is usually found planted in the front of any exotic, high-priced luxury machine. With 901 Sounds Auto accessories, you can grab hold of the attraction for yourself without depleting your bank account. Each leather steering wheel we carry is specially crafted using the finest materials and shaped with expert care. Leather steering wheels also come in a spectrum of colors to match your car's interior. This is an elegant upgrade that withstands the test of time over and over again.