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Air Intakes
Proper vehicle maintenance leads to improved performance, and every driver can relate to that. In order to keep your vehicle humming along with efficiency, sometimes you have to step it up a notch. Cold Air Intakes and Air Filters are the perfect ingredient for those who know how to punch the pedal with authority, and 901 Sounds Auto Accessories has just what you need! We offer the latest catalog of top-quality Air Intakes and Air Filters that turn hot dirty air into the cool clean breeze your engine embraces.

Injen Air Intakes
901 Sounds Auto Accessories offers the full lineup of Air Intake Systems by Injen, the performance tuning company with years of leadership experience in the industry. Making way for others to follow, new Air Intake Systems by Injen hit the market every time featuring the newest technologies to deliver maximum power boost, that yet does not cross the line of engine safety. From entry level solutions for the beginners to taste first victories to sophisticated megapower deliveries for professional competitions - 901 Sounds Auto Accessories offers full range of Injen intake products for every possible purpose and vehicle.

K&N Air Intakes
K&N reaches out and grabs you by the collar to show you what's really going on under that hood. And chances are you haven't even come close to releasing its full potential yet. As the world's leading innovators of automotive air filtration, K&N products are relied upon by drivers of all backgrounds to deliver the increase in performance they've come to expect. K&N Air Filters are recognized for their superior engineering and outstanding effectiveness - and these traits carry over to their award-winning line of Cold Air Intakes as well. K&N Cold Air Intakes have been proven to show a jump adding up to 20 horsepower! How's that for some extra power? When it comes to reaching the next level of efficient performance, K&N can always be trusted.