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Performance Chips
Thrills. It's why we enjoy driving. Sure, we all have to get from A to B, but every now and again it helps to wring a little bit more juice out of the machine to make sure we're still alive. While that might not be an everyday ritual, there is no disputing the fact that we need our vehicles to move on a dime when called upon and to provide an adequate amount of efficiency. But no matter how much we revere our rides, the truth is that it can do even better than it is now. As the old saying goes, "there is always room for improvement". And that's what Performance Chips are for. Performance Chips and Tuning Programmers unlock the capability your vehicle holds using digital innovation and your own personal creativity. With the aid of some custom imagination, you can experience the ironclad torque and fuel economy that puts your Car, Truck, or SUV in the spotlight where it's always belonged!

When it comes to Performance Chips, we've got you covered wall-to-wall with our selection aimed directly at the type of vehicle you drive. SuperChips, Bully Dog, and Edge Products are the three marquee names in store for you, so you can count on the expert technology that awaits at every turn. Increase your horsepower, haul with more brawn, and stop seeing your gas gauge plummet every other day of the week! There is no longer a need to pretend you're "satisfied" with the factory settings. Your model has more inside of it than the OEM wanted to you to use. Uncap its true potential with 901 Sounds Auto Accessories, where we treat your ride like one of our own!